TownPass is our unique subscription plan that lets you travel for a fraction of the cost

Discounted Rides, Flights, Holidays, & more...
Save now, fly later (Monthly)

Save towards your regular travel with small monthly payment

Save on flights, hotels and holidays (Yearly)

Discounted yearly subscription that gives you access to

Cancel for any reason multi trip plan (Yearly)

Travel protection cover for all occassion

Pay monthly for fixed ride trips (Monthly)

Ideal for regular travellers who want to save on transport fares

Why TownPass?

  • There's a plan for everyone
  • Reduce your travel cost by up to 60%
  • No contracts, no commitments, cancel easily.
  • Designed with frequent travellers in mind

Frequently Asked Questions:

TownPass is our prepaid subscription plan that gives you premium access, bundles, and discounts to various travel services. There are monthly and yearly plans. TownPasses are highly localised and different passes may be available at different locations Worldwide. If you are unable to access TownPass options via your app, it means that we do not have a current plan at your location.
For now, you can only have one TownPass plan at a time but this would be changing soon.
Your TownPass plan will auto-renew, according to the frequency of the subscription that you have. If you wish to cancel your plan, you must do this before the start of the next billing cycle by deactivating the auto-renew button.
This relates only to TownPass plans associated with rides. If you have one of these, mileage excess means that we will charge you per mile for every extra mile travelled above the limit specified in your plan. The payment method that is available on your account will be automatically charged in case of any excess.
TownPass is only available through our app and will not be available in cities or countries where Huptown is not local. You will not be able to subscribe from the app if we have no availability in your city. We are growing fast and aim to be in as much cities as soon as possible.
You can still use the Huptown app to make any booking as normal, you will be charged the standard rate until your TownPass plan is renewed.