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Huptown connect brings cab, taxi, and minibus operators closer to the World of New Mobility by connecting you to a future ready transport network through our fleet program.

Have a fleet?
Here is how it works

Register as an operator in few easy steps.
Upload your existing vehicle and drivers.
Get your drivers to download the connect driver's app.
Start accepting jobs from Huptown by setting your own fee.
Use our free despatch system for your customers.


  • Your driver is yours, not Huptown.

  • Enrol your drivers into Huptown's Pension and Holiday system.

  • Become a Connect Hub.

  • Manage everything in one place.

  • Guarantee your driver’s minimum wage.

  • Connect to the World of tourism.

  • Benefit from our ultra-low commission.

  • Your drivers earn the Huppoints.

  • Be part of a smart mobility network.

Be a Connect Hub

As a connect partner, you can be one our hubs hosting and providing firsthand support and experience to drivers across all of Huptown's platform.

Connect your existing app

Connect your existing app with our ready-made admin and back-office system seamlessly.

Get Started Instantly

Once you are registered for connect, it takes just a few steps to start receiving jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Connect is our market leading product built for licensed fleets with taxis, cabs, and minibuses.
Basically, when a user goes to the Huptown app to request a ride, we will send out trip notifications to our drivers as well as Connect drivers. In places where we do not have drivers available, all trip notifications will go to Connect drivers.
Connect works nationally across all UK cities, however, we may not have immediate presence in some cities until we have connected enough operators to make our presence viable. You can contact us to know about our presence in your city.
Connect works by letting our partners set their own fares, however, we ask our partners to make their fares reasonable and in line with industry range.
To join connect, you must be a responsible operator with a minimum of 3 vehicles in your fleet. We work with partners with track record of good customer service and with relevant licenses to operate.
Commissions depend on the type of fleet that an operator has and a number of other factors, however, we generally operate on the basis of low commission of around 4.5-8%. Once we have approved your account and before you proceed to sign the terms and conditions, you will see the commission that we offer before you decide to proceed.
The aim of our minimum wage guarantee programme is to help our Connect partners eliminate zero-hour contracts and ensure that drivers are paid decent living wages for a minimum number of hours during their engagement with you and whilst you are connected to us. The guarantee will help bring our Connect partners to speed regarding the law while ensuring that you are a responsible company who is concerned about the welfare of the people who work with you. While connected to us, your drivers are also able to earn the Hup-points, which will give them access to various perks such as insurance discounts, restaurant vouchers or even helping to switch to drive electric vehicle as well as getting onboard our self-employed pension system and much more.
Connect hubs help provide customer services and premium products to drivers and our XP partners who are connected to the Huptown platform. As a hub, you will offer customer and premium services to help meet the needs of our growing network.
Fares for trips completed by our Connect drivers can be seen and withdrawn from the Connect dashboard every fortnight. It is the responsibility of Connect partners to settle their drivers in preferred ways. Soon, withdrawals can be done automatically and can be structured so that drivers can be settled directly on weekly and bi-weekly basis if preferred.
Huptown is a travel and mobility app with the aim to provide seamless user experience. As such, we do not offer price comparison services. We simply use a number of set algorithms to find the closes driver to our users at any point.