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with Huptown.

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Earn like a Boss

Enjoy our ultra low commission and improved fare system backed by our living wage guarantee.

Perks and rewards

Our reward programme is second to none; from discounted Insurance to fuel discount and restaurant discounts. We have everything in place to recognise and reward drivers that deliver.

Drive your way up

Driving should not just be a side hustle, it should allow you to grow and be the best that you can.

Beyond driving

Driving for huptown means helping to build a different path for the future of mobility

How to Register to drive for Huptown.

Complete an online application or download the Huptown Driver’s app from the iOS or Play store.

If we are not in your city you can still register to drive; we will come to your city once we have 200 registered drivers.

Requirement to Register.

Be at least 21 years of age.
Have a driver’s license.
Have an insured car with verifiable insurance documents.
Identity documents.
Vehicle details and documents
Get ready for onboarding

Be all the best you want with Huptown’s 3 tier driver’s system

  • Basic knowledge of spoken English
  • Private hire license from local authority
  • Basic safety and customer awareness training
  • Minimum age 21 years of age
  • 2009 or newer vehicle model
  • Lots of perks and rewards with Huppoints
  • Commission: 5.5%
  • Be our driver of the Quarter
  • 35 hour monthly living age guarantee
Experience Manager
  • 6 months of driving for Huptown
  • Minimum of 4.8 stars/Huptown Smiles
  • Maximum of 15 trip cancellations
  • 2013 or latest vehicle model
  • Stage 2 Customer experience training
  • 90% job acceptance rate
  • Lots of perks and rewards
  • Commission: 4.5%
  • Pension enrolment
  • Paid holiday
  • 50 hour monthly wage guarantee
  • Experience driving with Huptown for 1 year
  • Minimum rating of 5 Huptown Smiles
  • Maximum of 15 trip cancellations
  • 2014 or latest vehicle model
  • 90% job acceptance rate
  • Lots of perks and rewards
  • Commission 2.5%
  • Pension enrolment
  • Paid holiday
  • Wage guarantee and full employment rights

Frequently Asked Questions:

We pride ourselves to be the World’s #1 in seamless and connected end-to-end travel and the champion of a new mobility movement. To accomplish our mission is to be customer centric and driver focused. Hence, we are not reinforcing existing industry structures but seeking to build better systems and positive experiences for all involved.
First you have to download the Huptown app or register online to complete an application to become a driver, it takes about 15 mins. We will contact you once we have reviewed your application and ask you to proceed for onboarding. During onboarding, you will be asked some questions about safety and customer experience, and we will ask you to provide a self-recorded video of yourself as part of our KYC process. Once we have checked and analysed your response, we will let you start driving.
Depending on your tier, we charge a low commission per trip and we will deduct some hours out of your total contributed hours per month. We substitute those hours with fixed hourly rates depending on your tier.
Huptown has a disciplinary procedure that is broken down into three categories, which means that when a breach of our terms occur, a driver will have to go through the disciplinary procedure. Generally, category three infraction would lead to suspension and be reported to the police and the licensing authority in most cases.
Perks work by accumulating the Huppoint, which can be redeemed for a selection of rewards such as dining and daycation tickets, fuel voucher, discounted insurance and much more. We also provide holiday pays which are paid as service rebates and paid every forth-night based on a driver's tier status and vehicle category. You do not need to take any specific days off or claim your pay by taking any specific action, holiday pays will be shown as part of your experience report and paid directly into your account.
The three-tier system is the framework that regulates the employment relationship between Huptown and our drivers from the moment of joining us. At the point of joining Huptown, every driver will have the designate role of ‘Driver’ and will work normally with all of the flexibility and independence of self-employment but with the benefits of employment such as holiday pay and so on. The second tier, Experience Manager roles are designed to provide better guarantees and a more engaging relationship between Huptown and our drivers. Drivers can qualify to become an Experience Manager after 6 months of driving for Huptown. The highest tier is the Ambassador’s role, which provides full employment right and a more stable relationship even though drivers will still work independently.
We use a government backed and approved pension scheme to provide pension plan for our drivers, however, enrolment is a choice. Pension will be redeemable via the Huppoint system because most drivers want flexibility and may have already joined other schemes. When you opt in to join our pension scheme by using your Huppoints, we will make an employer’s contribution and will use ask for you to agree to contributing around 20% of your hourly earnings from your agreed contract hours per month.