Huptown XP is the smart new way for your guests to discover, book and travel to you

Huptown XP is your marketing machine and your sales vehicle.

Here’s why Huptown XP is for you.

From their homes to your doorstep

Whenever your experience is booked on the Huptown platform we drive your customers down to your doorstep. So, the experience starts from their home.

Reach new audiences

The Huptown app is built to appeal to locals and tourists of different demographics. Selling on Huptown means expanding your reach beyond your usual demographic.

Check-in is a breeze

Huptown XP is powered by a simple but smart technology that lets you check your guests in easily.

Smarter marketing

Huptown XP will let you sell custom events and experiences tailored to different customer base to truly supercharge your business.

Reduce no shows

All reservations are prepaid, so no-shows are a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Huptown XP is our unique platform that lets you offer and sell experiences on the Huptown app. It is suitable for selling event tickets and unique experiences of all classes and genres.
The benefits include increasing your visibility and discoverability, attracting audiences from locals to tourists, reducing no-shows because all Huptown experiences are prepaid, and using just one platform to sell different types of events and experiences. XP is perfect for businesses, but also suitable for individuals who want to bring creativity to the experience economy, while earning and connecting with people.
XP suitable for providers such as venues, restaurants, event organisers, holiday and tour operators, or individuals who offer unique and tailored experiences. We love to work with providers who offer something different, magical and immersive.
Restaurants, supper clubs, attractions, festival organisers, adventure centres, event providers, retailers, party planners, theatres, party venues, virtual reality providers, tour organisers and so on.
We charge a flat fee of 3.5% per booking for the first 10 bookings, thereafter, 5% per booking. There are no listing fees.
Withdrawal is typically available between 3-7 days after guest check-in. You can withdraw earlier if preferred with the help of our (payout advance service), made possible by our third-party finance partners. This attracts extra fees and is only available to sellers in certain locations.
Once we approve your profile after initial registration, we will provide access to the XP Manager where orders, payments, tickets and services can be viewed and managed seamlessly.
We welcome providers and event creators from any city or country in the World.