Generate buzz, reach new audiences, turn your products into experiences and transform your store into an experiential hotspot. Unique in its offering, Huptown XP is your marketing machine and your sales vehicle.

Here's Why Huptown XP is for You.

turn your product into an experience

We live in the experience economy. Thousands more people can buy your products if you turn them into experiences. Our team and technology can help turn your product into memorable experiences.

from their homes to your door

Whenever an experience is booked, we drive your guests down to your door whenever, wherever, so, the Huptown experience starts from their homes for maximum comfort and delight.


Reach new audiences and get discovered by experience seekers easily.

increase sales

Tap into a rich and diverse audience who include but are not limited to tourists, families and locals.

get xped

Download the Huptown digital branded assets to help your guests know that you're available on Huptown and discover your easily.

reduce no shows

All reservations are paid for at the time of booking to prevent no shows.

promote your business

Set-up-custom made experiences from the comfort of your home to stand out from competitors

seamless backend

With the Huptown reservation portal customised for you, you can track new bookings and manage order history with ease.

guest retention matters

Huptown XP is not all about the Buzz of guest acquisition. We are truly passionate and concerned about business continuity and performance. If you join one of our premium packages, our team will work with you to talk about and subscribe you to one of our Guest Retention Programs.

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